Why join the Texas Short Line Regional Railroad Association (TSLRRA)?

Membership in TSLRRA offers many benefits to help Texas Short Line Railroads stay on track. From providing important legislative information that affects our industry, to exchanging best industry practices; TSLRRA offers something for every Texas-based short line railroad. 

At TSLRRA, our members are invested in the positive impact the short line industry has on the Texas economy and communities they serve. TSLRRA provides our members a voice to promote awareness and change. Membership participation is an important part of this organization, and our committees have something for everyone. Check out the membership benefits below and let us know how we can help get your organization started!

Membership in TSLRRA also includes:

  • Listing in TSLRRA’s online membership directory
  • Opportunity to be a sponsor
  • Discounted rates for TSLRRA - sponsored events
  • Networking opportunities in meetings, conferences and committees

If you would like to discuss how a TSLRRA membership would benefit you or your business, contact our Membership Committee Chairperson, Anabelle Cormier.  Click here for Sponsorship opportunities. 

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