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Membership to Texas Short Line and Regional Railroad Association offers many benefits.  Relationships are key in the rail industry.  As part of the TSLRRA, we have solid relationships with other associations, suppliers, and industry contacts.  Networking, best practice sharing, and growth opportunities are a bonus.  With your membership and involvement in the TSLRRA, you will be able to impact the communities in which we all serve. Keeping Texas on Track!

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Supporting the Texas economy

Short lines are often the first or last leg of a longer rail movement. They play an important role in rural communities, connecting them to the transportation network fueling the Texas economy! We serve our members through:

  • Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy
  • Advancing Safe Railway Operations
  • Advocating Ethical Operating and Business Standards
  • Supporting Responsible Environmental Practices
  • Partnering with Government and Private Industry for Economic Growth 
Legislative Resources

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We offer an annual membership, specifically geared toward the needs and desired level of engagement for each tier.   

  • Single Railroad
  • Railroad Holding Company
  • Associate - open to industry suppliers and ancillary organizations 

Learn more about the benefits of being a proud member of the Texas Short Line and Regional Railroad Association! You keep Texas on Track!